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Fred Palmerino's approach to photography and headshots in Los Angeles is unique and certainly is not reflected in the works of most photographs you see around.  He views his role as a servant to the client and to the art form itself. He is foremost an artist. The reason his headshots, mostly photographed in his Los Angeles studio, are so well thought of is due to his photographic abilities, composition, lighting, risk-taking and rapport with his clients which include actors and models as well as children and teens. The 2- 3 hour shooting process is thorough yet relaxed and loads of fun. Read Fred’s testimonials scattered throughout this website to learn more about his personality and approach to headshot photography as well as unlit events photography, stock photography and essay photography.


There is no pressure to limit your Los Angeles headshot photography appointment to 2 hours with a pre-determined amount of photographs to be taken or a set amount of clothing changes. Fred photographs until he feels there is an inventory of remarkable images that reflect the real you, your true essence with all positive dimensions out there for agents and managers to enjoy.


The approach is simple. He will eliminate all non-essential elements from the photograph to allow that which is only supposed to tell the story, tell the story! “For instance,” Fred remarks, “in a headshot, the eyes are the barometer. The eyes tell the story and all remaining elements, while also important, are supporting.” As an example, necklaces, earrings, and hard patterned shirts and tops are elements that typically detract from the eyes because they tend to offset the effect the eyes are intended to yield. If essential to capture a look, we’ll employ a prop, but most times they’re not required.”


“I tell my clients to bring as many changes of clothes that suit them. I will photograph as many as 500 headshots in one sitting in my Los Angeles studio if necessary because that one perfect photograph you think you‘ve captured with one look is sometimes bettered by one with another look and so on. After we’ve taken 500 headshots, we’ve got ourselves an inventory of amazing looks which gives the casting director or agent much to work with – whether you’re investing in theatrical, commercial, editorial or fashion headshots.”


Clients are put to ease with Fred’s energetic, accommodating and communicative style. There is direct energy passing between Fred and his clients which makes for a more enlightened, more substantive and telling photograph. Combine the energy with an atmosphere that is light and fun and the result is a photograph that speaks to viewers and grabs hold of them.



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Fred Palmerino is an absolute pleasure to work with. His photography skills are fantastic and he will work with you until the pictures are perfect. Fred makes you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and dedication to his work. You will leave with a great experience and perfect pictures!

Jonathan S


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