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About Fred

Fred Palmerino is an experienced, passionate photographer who specializes in headshot photography in Los Angeles for actors, models, children and teens. He views photography as an art form and the act of photographing as enjoyable. "I get as much out of taking the headshot as the actor gets in being photographed. It is not a chore. It is pure art form, pure creation, pure joy."

The most essential factors that determine a remarkable photograph are the photographer, the photography equipment, lighting, composition and the subject. Interestingly, the word "photography" is derived form the Greek "photo" meaning light and the word "graph" meaning drawing. Thus, to photograph is to draw with light. Thus, the camera is an extension of the photographer's eye and mind.

Fred's been photographing people, places and things for 25 years, mostly in Los Angeles, Boston and Paris. His photographs and headshots have been praised in Los Angeles and Hollywood as artistic, honest and not over-produced.

Fred enjoys the challenge of perfecting that one photograph that tells the entire story for the viewer. So, he finds it imperative to understand and get to know all clients before taking their photograph, be them actors, actresses, families, kids, people in general, even locales. One of Fred's most photographed cities is Paris, France.

Interestingly, after completing a requisite photo shoot, Fred will typically shoot additional photos with a different look, different clothing or different backgrounds or props. He will deliver what the agents want but being an artist he seeks to capture the essential nature of his subject if it is not permitted in a headshot photograph.

Headshots tell part of the story and oftentimes agents, managers or casting directors are looking for "a look." That look captured in a headshot will get the actor or actress work and while it may be an accurate portrayal it is not necessarily always a consummate portrayal of the actor or actresses personality. "I am determined to capture that look, the look I see as the potential photograph, the look the actor feels within. It's so imperative for me because that look may never surface again. People change, attitudes change, beliefs change and all of those variables that can be reflected in a photo may be absent the next time around."

So, if you're scheduling a time for your headshot in Los Angeles, be warned that you will have a great time (you will laugh and sip tea) and come away with photographs you never thought were possible.

Fred was born in Boston, Massachusetts and was given his first camera, a 35mm film camera, upon graduation from high school. A little while later, he created and manufactured a darkroom in the basement of his home. When I created that first photograph in my darkroom, things happened to me that I had yet to experience in any endeavor - there was a dynamic yet gradual mounting of energy seeping through my veins from my stomach to my heart to my head where the ending result was the welling of tears. I didn't expect it to happen but as soon as it did, I knew I had found my passion. I knew then and there that I loved the art of photography, the art of creation, the art of discovery, the art of capturing and illuminating an every day moment that most of us don't see because we're busy doing or thinking about other things. I found that in enlightening others, I too am enlightened."

"Photography is an art and I think that's why I love it so much. It's the art of first seeing what others cannot see then reflecting that back to them in the way that I see it."

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I just want to thank you for such a great experience taking my headshot a few weeks ago. The time we spent together taking the pictures was not only completely easy and natural, it was also a lot of fun. You have a way of making the whole experience a piece of cake. On top of that the after process of assisting me in choosing the right shots, and then to top it off taking the time to Photoshop the chosen ones so that they looked great to present to my agent was simply above and beyond. I just wanted to thank you for such a great and masterful process for what sometimes can be a daunting one. You’re the best. I will recommend you easily to my friends and fellow actors and models. You made me look great!

Cyndi S