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    How To Judge Los Angeles Headshot Photographers

    • Choose a Los Angeles headshot photographer with whom you feel comfortable;
    • Choose a headshot photographer that will grow with you - someone that understands your career needs and goals;
    • Choose a headshot photographer with whom you can establish a solid professional relationship.


    The art of taking a remarkable headshot photograph relies on four (4) factors:

    • the Photographer;
    • YOU, the subject of the photo shoot;
    • Photographer's rapport with YOU;
    • Light / Composition... to photograph is to draw with light.


    Consider your Los Angeles headshot photographer as you would a partner in a business. If you are an actor, actress or model, your business is you ! A headshot photographer's job is to capture the you that will get you your desired role. The more your photographer knows you, the better the chances that your desired look will be captured and the more relaxed and trusting you grow.

    • A good headshot photographer uses light creatively to make the photograph speak. Thankfully, there's alot of light in sunny Los Angeles at all time of year.
    • Headshot photographs emote energy and most certainly can tell a story in a photograph. What story do you want to tell with your headshot? Review the photographer's entire portfolio of images especially child headshots. Photographing children can be a difficult proposition if the photographer is not tuned into the child's interests and needs. Review any essay or photo blogging work they've done as well as stock, fashion, product or commerical images. Look for creativity and imagination and how they employ light or the lack of light to enhance an image or give it a different feel.
    • A good headshot photographer gets to know you, your desired look, your career intentions and roles you are targeting, all before the first meeting takes place.
    • Have fun in your photography session. The energy emoted will add a dimension so often missing in headshots today.

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After an extensive search for the perfect photographer, I ended up choosing to use Fred Palmerino for my new headshots based off of a recommendation from a very happy client. In the past, I have worked with many photographers and been satisfied with their photography, but after working with Fred Palmerino I am for the first time extremely proud to show off my pictures. This is the first time casting directors and agents have complimented me on how my pictures have captured my look and the real me. I am extremely happy to recommend Fred Palmerino to anyone looking for new headshots, I know that finally my search for the perfect photographer is over!

ErinRose W